Electrowetting on dielectric
Velocity< dim >::ScratchData Member List
This is the complete list of members for Velocity< dim >::ScratchData, including all inherited members.
f_flagsVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
face_baseVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
face_grad_phaseVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
face_old_phaseVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
face_phaseVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
fe_face_valVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
fe_valVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
flagsVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
fquadVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
loc_divuVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
loc_face_uVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
loc_grad_phaseVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
loc_grad_qVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
loc_grad_VVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
loc_muVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
loc_old_phaseVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
loc_phaseVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
loc_psharpVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
loc_qVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
loc_uVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
muVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
normalVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
oldphaseVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
phaseVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
psharpVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
qVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
quadVelocity< dim >::ScratchData
ScratchData(const hp::FECollection< dim > &fe, std::vector< AsFunction< dim > * > &data, const hp::QCollection< dim > &q, const UpdateFlags u_flags, const hp::QCollection< dim-1 > &fq, const UpdateFlags u_f_flags)Velocity< dim >::ScratchData [inline]
ScratchData(const ScratchData &scratch)Velocity< dim >::ScratchData [inline]
VVelocity< dim >::ScratchData