Electrowetting on dielectric
Charge< dim > Member List
This is the complete list of members for Charge< dim >, including all inherited members.
AssembleCell(const Iterator Its, ScratchData &scratch, typename Problem< dim >::PerTaskData &data)Charge< dim > [protected]
AssembleSystem(std::vector< AsFunction< dim > * > &data, const double time, const bool m_threaded=true)Charge< dim > [protected, virtual]
Charge(const Triangulation< dim > &tria, Material_Parameters &params, const unsigned deg, const unsigned u_prec, const double ee, const double thres, const unsigned sweeps)Charge< dim >
conductivityCharge< dim > [protected]
constraintsProblem< dim > [protected]
CopyToGlob(const PerTaskData &data)Problem< dim > [protected]
dhProblem< dim > [protected]
DoSolve(SolverControl &control)Charge< dim > [protected, virtual]
dtProblem< dim > [protected]
epsProblem< dim > [protected]
feProblem< dim > [protected]
get_chargeCharge< dim >
get_fe() const Problem< dim >
init()Problem< dim >
InitLAData()Problem< dim > [protected]
InitLADataSuffix()Problem< dim > [protected, virtual]
isNeeded(const typename hp::DoFHandler< dim >::active_cell_iterator &c, const unsigned face) const Problem< dim > [protected]
Iterator typedefCharge< dim > [protected]
KProblem< dim > [protected]
lambdaCharge< dim > [protected]
mesh_has_changedProblem< dim > [protected]
n_dofsProblem< dim > [protected]
n_of_transfersProblem< dim > [protected]
PostRefinement()Problem< dim > [protected]
PostRefinementSuffix(const std::vector< TrilinosWrappers::Vector > &sol_tmp)Charge< dim > [protected, virtual]
precCharge< dim > [protected]
prec_dataCharge< dim > [protected]
prec_needs_reinitProblem< dim > [protected]
PreRefinement()Problem< dim > [protected]
PreRefinementPreffix()Charge< dim > [protected, virtual]
Problem(const Triangulation< dim > &tria, const unsigned _n_transfers, const double _eps, bool _prec_needs_reinit=false, const unsigned _update_prec=10)Problem< dim >
ReinitPrec()Charge< dim > [protected, virtual]
rhsProblem< dim > [protected]
set_dt(const double _dt)Problem< dim >
SetInitialData()Charge< dim > [protected, virtual]
SetupDoFs()Problem< dim > [protected]
SetupDoFsSuffix()Problem< dim > [protected, virtual]
size() const Problem< dim >
solProblem< dim > [protected]
solve(std::vector< AsFunction< dim > * > &data, const double time)Problem< dim > [virtual]
SolveSystem()Problem< dim > [protected]
SolveSystemPreffix()Problem< dim > [protected, virtual]
SolveSystemSuffix()Problem< dim > [protected, virtual]
stepsProblem< dim > [protected]
transferProblem< dim > [protected]
triProblem< dim > [protected]
update_precProblem< dim > [protected]
x_solProblem< dim > [protected]
~Charge()Charge< dim > [virtual]
~Problem()Problem< dim > [virtual]